Everyone loves a BIG package.


Packaging is on the front line of competition for product sales. Lucky for you, we're quite experienced on the retail battlefield. We find that successful design solutions become clearer after you've done your homework. BIG will study the market and your competition, and define an approach to put your product on the shelf. Our strategically designed package will enhance your competitive advantage, improve your perceived value, and simplify the consumer's purchase decision.

From package design and line extension to structure design and the consumer out-of-box experience, we're proud to position ourselves as packaging design specialists. Our well-rounded portfolio contains food and beverage, household goods, sporting goods, health and beauty aids, consumer electronics, pet products, apparel, and more. We'll get you on and off retail shelves in no time – because everyone loves a BIG package... and increased market share!

  • Packaging Design
  • Package Line Extension
  • Package Regionalization
  • Club Store Packaging
  • Structure Design
  • Out of Box Experience (OOBE)