Energizer Packaging Case Study


Sure, everyone knows Energizer. The brand is familiar to nearly all consumers, but BIG was given a new line of portable chargers to launch into retail. The catch? This new product line had multiple uses and were compatible with a wide range of products. Studies showed that the everyday consumer didn't know their mobile connection by name and needed to see it to be confident it would work for them. To throw another wrench into the project, all this information needed to fit onto a handheld size package. Oh, and did we mention dual languages?




We had a lot to explain to the consumer, and little room to say it. Our design team had three main goals to overcome this problem: simplify, clarify, and prioritize:

  1. The overall communication needed to be clear and easy to understand.
  2. The device connection tips would need visual representation to boost customer confidence.
  3. The messaging on the front of the package should be prioritized (and minimized!) to better connect with the consumer.



To make sure that the consumer would be confident of the product they were buying, BIG created a clear PVC package with an internal folding box to reveal the portable charger and all its connections. Our design team worked with current brand assets to create complimentary new icons which communicated the product usage. Messaging was then developed and distilled in order of importance for each panel; from top tier benefits on the front panel to the detailed benefits and usage on the sides and back of the package – BIG energized this package!



• Structure design • Package design • Package line extension • Icon design & Illustration • Advertising