Package Design for LifeTrak


LifeTrak enlisted BIG Design to help them realize a greater share of the emerging fitness tracking market. The parent company, Salutron, has been a leader in heart-rate monitoring and fitness tracking for over a decade. They have the product experience, manufacturing facilities, industry knowledge, and a quality product; all of the elements needed for success in a hot market for wearable technology. The important missing piece was a product package that could effectively compete at shelf level.




We immediately looked to do a better job of emphasizing their brand promise and explaining the product benefits. Our goal was to clarify the consumer understanding of the brand and the product lineup. We needed to organize the product line, focus the brand story and deliver the perceived values that fit the product quality.



We quickly landed on "Follow your heart" as a fitting brand tag line and distilled the product messaging down to benefit driven features. We refreshed the package design to a cleaner, clearer brand impression. The products were color coded by category of function to help the consumer differentiate from other LifeTrak products and only the key benefits were displayed on the front to ease the purchase decision. The balance of the product benefits were organized and prioritized on the back for easy reference. The brand improvements have been quickly acknowledged by their leading retailers and reaction has been highly positive. New avenues are opening up and sales have increased significantly.



• Brand tag line • Package design • Retail display • Product photography • Product messaging • Packaging globalization • Package line extension