Food Package Design for Yatta Brand


A well-established Japanese dry foods company that wanted to make a debut in the US market. Connecting the American consumer with a premium identity would be simple. The challenge, however, was much more complex. Not only did our client wish to maintain the authentic Japanese roots of the brand and create a brand name for the US, but they also had multiple products with a variety of plastic packaging sizes. We know what you're thinking: product photography, it's a beautiful thing right? Have you seen dry food products, it takes a lot to make them visually appealing. That's okay, we are up for the challenge.




Looks aren't everything, but when it comes to putting a product on a retail shelf, they are indeed important. BIG was on a mission to make sure that the grocery stockers would be working overtime. With that in mind, the plan was to:

  1. Develop a new brand for the US, without erasing its Japanese heritage.
  2. Clearly speak to the brand and then the product category, while differentiating from competition.
  3. Showcase the product without causing consumer confusion.



Our design team maintained aspects of the brand to authenticate the parent company's roots, by creating the new Yatta brand. The top and center logo placement on the product made for consistent retail impact. For additional appeal to the new American audience, we added a sophisticated pattern and elegant food photography. And, just to clear up potential consumer confusion – we finished off the design with a window revealing the quality product inside and developed an organized delivery of product information. As a result, the strong brand impression has established a base for building equity and loyalty to the US product line. You could say we brought "a lotto nice to Yatta rice!"



• Branding analysis & strategy • Logo creation • Package design • Product photography • Package line extension