Package Design for Toshiba


Toshiba is well known in the worldwide electronic retail market. They approached us to develop and introduce a new brand of hardrives to consumers. There were multiple challenges for this project:

  1. Create a cost effective package that could accommodate quick market changes.
  2. The front panel needed to communicate a variety of messages in multiple languages.
  3. The client requested that no lifestyle images be used in the layouts.




It was our goal to create a welcoming package design with a universal graphic which could contain a customized sticker for each sku to communicate storage capacity. The visuals would need to speak internationally and appeal to consumers across the globe. With multiple translations at the top of their minds, the design team opted to develop icons to minimize content and create graphic appeal. Simplifying the content and communication would keep Toshiba's solid brand identity elevated on retail shelves all over the world.



A Canvio logo and unique data-inspired texture were created to roll out this new product line differentiate Toshiba from the current competitors. The front panel messaging was simplified and stickers were developed to minimize packaging inventory and adapt quicker to capacity changes of the drives. As a result, Toshiba received a striking yet friendly and cost-effective package that would appeal to consumers in a tech-driven product category. It turns out that the new Canvio brand was a hit, because they quickly sold into a variety of retailers including Walmart, Office Depot, Best Buy and Club stores and have risen to 3rd in the market in a short time.



• Structure design • Package design • Package line extension • Icon design & Illustration • Advertising