Club Store Pallet for Speedo


Speedo is a coveted name in the swimwear and aquatic product world. They approached BIG to create Club Store packaging that would show off their new line of snorkel sets as well as deliver a variety of messages in a design that would speak to both adults and juniors. The package would also need to reflect the added value of Speedo's new Adult Fin technology. What really put our design team in the deep end was the fact that the majority of the packaging would be a product window, thus eliminating much of the space for content.




Club Store research shows that product interaction increases purchases, so we wanted consumers to get their hands on the product! Also important, was that the new fin technology served as a key product differentiator among competition. And because Speedo has such equity, this new product line would need a close connection to the primary brand on both the adult and junior sets.



Our team's first mission was to develop a new "Speedo Dive" logo for this category. A new package structure using a plastic clam and corrugate combination was developed to maximize the product window and maintain stackability for the clubstore environment. Because of the large window, stickers were created to spotlight features. In addition, the new fin technology was communicated with a feature illustration. If the illustration weren't enough, consumers were given a hands-on experience with an interactive point-of-sale display. It's safe to say this friendly yet energetic package was a splash hit, because the Speedo Club Store program had great sales through the seasonal implementation!



• Structure design • Package design • Tray design • Logo • Illustration • Point-of-sale display